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I miss this girl! Molly and myself at retreat!

Aww i miss you too, Allison! <3 

Donnie and Frank by Jimiyo
“I made a new friend.” “Real or Imaginary?” “Imaginary.” 



He always leaves you, doesn’t he? Alone in the dark. Never apologizes.

#the last gif #goddamn #that hurt #it’s soooooo stonecold #but he has to do it #to his best friend #HIS BEST FRIEND #who has been through hell #and suffered for decades #and he knows he has no choice but to subject her to more cruelty #but that’s the doctor #fun loving #but able to make the worst choices #and then an hour later he’s sticking his tongue out at younger!amy #pretending like nothing ever happened #but you know he goes into his room #or somewhere private #or maybe sticks around the TARDIS console after the Ponds leave #and just fucking cries his eyes out #and hates himself more than older!amy pond ever could

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On March 6th, 1992, Dana Scully introduced herself to Fox Mulder. She was assigned as his partner in order to debunk his work on The X-Files. Little did they both know, their partnership would evolve into something much greater; where trust was was never an issue. Their love has become a legendary story. Today marks the 20th anniversary of their meeting. And, I wouldn’t change anything about their relationship. Well, maybe that whole Diana Fowley thing. We could have done without her just fine. c:

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The Walking Dead - Judge, Jury, Executioner

“It’s funny when a relationship ends. You feel this awful emptiness and this overwhelming feeling like you are impossible to love but then that day comes where you realize that even though it hurts, it was worth it. If it doesn’t hurt then it wasn’t real. That’s what makes moving on so hard but necessary. You can’t be afraid of love because someday it will work out and if you fear it then you might just miss your chance.”

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My name is Molly, call me something else.

I love God. I love My Chemical Romance and science fiction.

Art is what calms my soul.

I don't judge. I will talk to anyone about anything.


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